Sultry! Sexy!! Powerful!!! Skillful!!!! Trust, there are plenty more, but those are just a few words that begin to paint the picture of the talent that is singer-songwriter Tanika Keys. The journey ‘til now has taken her places many can only dream of. From gracing the world-renowned Apollo stage, to winning countless singing competitions showcasing her talents to the likes of Grammy award- winning artists, and even performing in one of Houston’s largest annual shows, Dancin’ in the Street… Motown & More Revue, Tanika has proved that her fine-tuned vocals are capable of captivating audiences that span the globe.

Her musical beginnings started even before she knew it. Tanika comes from a rich lineage of naturally gifted vocalists. Her grandfather, Archie Bell of Houston’s own Archie Bell and The Drells, laid the foundation for what’s sure to come for Tanika with his #1 chart-topping hit “Tighten Up” (1968). “My grandpa would visit, brings us gifts and tell detailed stories about when he was with Michael and Janet Jackson, how he toured overseas, and all the fans he met.” “Imagine the impression that left on me”, she adds.

Her mother, Archie’s daughter, also shares the talent, passion and love of music that was intrinsically passed on. “Some of my earliest musical memories are of my mother cleaning our house while blasting and singing beautiful melodies from my grandfather, Anita Baker, Whitney Houston, Phyllis Hyman, Stevie Wonder and so many more that left their imprint”, Tanika remembers.

“They’ve all shaped the artist that I am today.” Since the impressionable age of 4, Tanika has been showcasing her sweet-sounding savvy throughout her Houston home base and beyond. Her southern charm resonates with listeners and fans alike. Sharp and sweet, sophisticated, direct and intentional yet inviting to all, Tanika’s voice will entice anyone who offers even a moment to take a listen.

Organically, she also developed a love for songwriting. Her thoughts became words that turned into phrases that grew into songs very early on in her life. That growth reshaped how she approached making what I created, gave me a deeper level of confidence in my ability to shape how people felt” she recalls. Each time her pen hits the pad or her feet hit the stage, there’s one goal in mind. “I write and sing with one goal in mind; to make the listener feel, anything. That’s so important to me. Happy, sad, joyful, angry, nostalgic, whatever it is. People remember how they feel.”

Still striving to become a household name, she’s teamed her talents with fellow band mates and superstars in the making, Lionel “Shawn” Taylor and Ron John. As the one and only 1st lady of their dynamic, hard-hitting trio Six Minutes ‘til Sunrise, fans can hear Tanika’s sultry sound on their soon coming hit song, Holiday and her sexy sopralto on their 1st single Let It Flow. Her journey continues and will absolutely guide you to another level of beautiful soul music.