Many don’t have the natural ability to entertain. Ron John isn’t one of the many. If you’ve ever seen or heard him, you’ve also felt him. This rising star is a unique force to be reckoned with as his talent pierces audiences and captures them from the moment he opens his mouth. Albeit acting or singing, there is no denying his genius. Both have allowed him to perform with Stellar and Dove award winning artists across the nation.

His southern roots tell the story of how Ron John came to be. His father a classically trained pianist and his mom a singer, talent is clearly in his biological makeup. There was no shortage of noise growing up with siblings who also sing and/or play instruments. His musical roots began and were developed in church where he sang his first solo at 5 years old.

A true entertainer, Ron’s passion for theater has laid the foundation for him in the arts. He discovered his love for acting surprisingly on accident. “Reluctantly, I agreed to take part in a show having no prior acting experience and ended up falling in love.” “It’s expression, it’s creative, it’s how I can be whoever I want even for a moment.” This chameleon-esque quality is what seems to make fans fall in love with him over and over again. This unique gift has afforded Ron John opportunities all over the country performing on theatre stages.

Doubling down on his skills, singing comes just as naturally. It’s like breathing. His powerful pipes lend themselves to the likes of, well, no one. He truly has a style all his own. The versatility that he’s so skillfully and precisely developed has proven itself to be a magical touch.

In 2012, while performing in a local show in Houston, Ron John met two other amazing singers who would call themselves, Six Minutes ‘til Sunrise. From that union a great sound was birth. With fans raving for more it was only natural that the band would move into its true artist form that you see today. The top is a place that Six Minutes ‘til Sunrise is sure to be with the highly anticipated album on the horizon entitled, “The Dawning,” coming in the summer of 2015.